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The Center for Aesthetic Medicine offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures and treatments to bring out the best from within you enhancing your natural beauty. We provide men and women in Folsom, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Hills with innovative cosmetic dermatology procedures and medical and surgical techniques for body and facial rejuvenation.

Whether you are enjoying the outdoors along Folsom Lake or South Lake Tahoe, or commuting to work in Sacramento, everyone deserves to look their best. Enhancing beauty treatments are the expertise of Dr.Kamra and his caring staff at The Center for Aesthetic Medicine. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you do not miss out on any specials. We will be posting regularly so check back often. Laser hair removal and skin tightening with Fraxel are just a few treatments that we offer here at The Center for Aesthetic Medicine.

Do you exercise regularly but have those problem bulges you can not seem to get rid of? Ask Dr. Kamra at the Center for Aesthetic Medicine if SmartLipo is right for you. The consultation is always complementary at The Center for Aesthetic Medicine. Ask Dr. Kamra at the Center for Aesthetic Medicine. He has years of training in cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dermatology and laser age spot removal.

Acne scars are not only unsightly but they can effect the self esteem of a young adult. The center for Aesthetic Medicine has SmartSkinCo2 to treat acne scars.

The sunny beaches of California, Folsom Lake and cellulite do not mix. The Center of Aesthetic Medicine has the solution to this cosmetic problem. TriActive effectively minimizes cellulite deposits to leave you feeling better about wearing those shorts. This low level laser in combination with a mechanical disruption of the cellulite has a result which minimises the lumps and bumps of cellulite totally without incisions.

Do leg veins have you hiding? Let Dr. Kamra help. The Elite Laser by Cynosure is the gold standard in laser leg vein removal.

If you live in Folsom, Sacramento, Granite Bay or Cameron Park, you have to visit the center for Aesthetic Medicine.

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